How-To Guide: Optimizing Your Storage Strategy with Military First Self Storage of Greenwood

Published on 11/13/2023
Whether you’re a service member preparing for deployment or a local resident in need of extra space, Military First Self Storage of Greenwood is here to safeguard your belongings. Follow this guide to make the most out of your self-storage experience.

Step 1: Determine What to Store
Start by categorizing your items based on necessity, value, and size. Prioritize items you won’t need immediate access to but want to keep secure, such as seasonal gear, sentimental items, or excess furniture.

Step 2: Choose the Right Unit Size
Assess the volume of your items to select the appropriate unit size. Use online storage calculators or consult with our storage experts to avoid renting more space than you need.

Step 3: Pack Smart for Long-Term Storage
Invest in sturdy boxes and packing materials. Label boxes clearly and create an inventory list for easy reference. For sensitive items, consider climate-controlled units to protect against extreme temperatures and humidity.

Step 4: Organize Your Unit Efficiently
Plan the layout of your unit. Place items you may need access to at the front and heavier items at the bottom. Utilize shelving to maximize vertical space and keep belongings off the floor.

Step 5: Protect Your Belongings
Take preventive measures like using mattress covers, wrapping furniture, and sealing boxes to guard against dust and pests. Store electronics in their original packaging when possible to provide adequate protection.

Step 6: Ensure Your Items are Insured
Check if your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance covers items in storage. If not, consider purchasing additional insurance to protect against unforeseen events.

Step 7: Plan for Accessibility
If you're storing items that you'll need to retrieve periodically, opt for a unit that offers easy access. Ask about facility access hours and any restrictions that might apply.

Step 8: Update Your Contact Information
Ensure the storage facility has your current contact information, especially if you're deploying or moving. This is crucial for receiving any updates or notifications regarding your storage unit.

By following these steps, you'll be able to store your belongings with confidence, knowing they're packed, organized, and protected. Military First Self Storage of Greenwood is committed to providing a secure space for your items until you're ready to welcome them back into your home.