Maximizing Your Space: Avoiding Common Mistakes in Self Storage - Presented by Military First Self Storage of Greenwood

Published on 10/4/2023
Hello Greenwood storage enthusiasts!

Storage units are the unsung heroes when it comes to decluttering, moving, or simply needing extra space. However, while these units offer a convenient solution, there's an art to organizing them effectively. Today, Military First Self Storage of Greenwood shines a light on the most common mistakes people make when organizing their self storage units and provides tried-and-true solutions to ensure optimal use.

1. Not Planning Ahead:

The Mistake: Randomly placing items without a clear plan.
The Solution: Sketch a simple layout of your unit. Decide which items you'll need frequent access to, and place them closer to the entrance. Bulky, seldom-used items can be stored further inside.

2. Forgoing Shelves and Containers:

The Mistake: Piling belongings directly on the floor, leading to accessibility issues.
The Solution: Utilize shelves and labeled storage containers. They help in maximizing vertical space and make locating items much easier.

3. Neglecting an Aisle:

The Mistake: Packing items wall-to-wall, leaving no space to walk.
The Solution: Always leave an aisle for easy access. This ensures you won’t need to unpack half the unit just to retrieve one box.

4. Storing Perishables or Forbidden Items:

The Mistake: Keeping items that can rot, decay, or violate storage guidelines.
The Solution: Familiarize yourself with the storage facility's rules. Avoid storing perishables, hazardous materials, or any items that might attract pests.

5. Skipping Labels:

The Mistake: Storing items in indistinguishable boxes.
The Solution: Clearly label every box on multiple sides. Consider making an inventory list to keep track of where specific items are.

6. Ignoring Protective Measures:

The Mistake: Placing items without any protective cover, risking damage from dust or accidental spills.
The Solution: Use protective covers, bubble wrap, or storage-specific wraps, especially for furniture and fragile items.

7. Storing Items Without Cleaning:

The Mistake: Placing items like appliances, clothing, or furniture without cleaning them first.
The Solution: Clean and thoroughly dry all items before storage to prevent mold, mildew, and odors.

8. Not Prioritizing Security:

The Mistake: Using a low-quality lock or not checking the unit's security features.
The Solution: Invest in a high-quality, tamper-proof lock. At Military First Self Storage of Greenwood, we also recommend regularly checking on your unit and ensuring it’s properly locked.

Military First Tip: Remember, a little time spent organizing at the beginning can save hours of frustration later. Treat your storage unit as an extension of your home; with care and thoughtfulness, you'll find it serves you efficiently and effectively.

Thank you for entrusting Military First Self Storage of Greenwood with your precious belongings. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Stay organized and secure,

The Military First Self Storage of Greenwood Team. 📦🔒🏢